Diamond of Excellence (DOE) Leadership Certification

newsTo truly harness the transformational power of this groundbreaking leadership model, leaders and high-potential employees alike need to experience the entire Diamond of Excellence. When they see how the 4 facets interact to build a unique and comprehensive approach to leadership, their mindset, heartset, skillset, and results will never be the same.

We have worked very diligently to condense this game-changing material into a model that is sophisticated enough that it addresses everything important about leadership and culture, but simple enough that anyone right down to the front lines can grasp it. We call this Elegant Simplicity.

The Diamond of Excellence Leadership Certificate approach immerses leaders in a self-paced program that includes online courses and assessments, team interactions, and supporting materials to extend the learning. This material is now available for the first time in an online, self-paced format. At the completion of the program, leaders receive CEU credit for their work on each course as well as a certification from the Center for Leadership & Executive Development in mastery of the Diamond of Excellence.

Although courses can be taken individually, the program operates in profoundly effective fashion when leaders take it as a cohort. A cohort yields the best of both – individualized scheduling and pacing, combined with team discussions and organization-specific applications.

You can become a Diamond of Excellence leader, and help others do the same. And you can have a Diamond of Excellence team – different in kind, and not just in degree.

Components of the Certification

Online Courses

  • The Diamond of Excellence Leadership Certification includes 10 online courses totaling 80 hours of material
  • Courses are online and self-paced, allowing each participant to work in a way that is best for him or her
  • Over the past 20 years, this material has been presented live to over 200,000 people around the world
  • The material is designed to be informative, incisive, iconoclastic, interesting, and inspirational


Online Leadership 360 Assessments

  • Our four Leadership 360 Assessments delve deeply into the individual leader’s performance by getting feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Each individual on the team receives a personalized report, while management receives a comprehensive report on all participants.  Reports are color-coded, easy to understand and apply.
  • Reports are most effective when first given to the people, they develop an improvement plan, and then present that plan to their supervisor for guidance and support.
  • Luman’s assessments are deeply integrated with the course content, unlike so many other tools.


Team Learning and Applications

  • At the end of each course, the participants are encouraged to meet together to discuss progress through the course, practical takeaways from what they’ve learned, and ways to apply the learning right away.
  • Each course has a follow-up book or bookette that can be used by participants to add to their own learning and to discuss with their own teams, or by management to explore learnings with a cohort.



  • Although this material is universally accessible, individual, customized help can at times provide the extra that is needed for effective implementation.
  • World-class coaching is available from the experienced advisors at the Center for Leadership & Executive Development.


CEU Accreditation

  • All courses in the Diamond of Excellence Master Leadership Certificate program are CEU accredited by the University of Dayton.
  • Courses can be taken a la carte, with each completed course earning CEU credit, totaling 8 CEUs.


Optional Team Assessment

  • Each organization or team participating in the certificate program is encouraged to take our optional team assessments one in each of the four critical areas of Reality, Passion, Thinking, and Pure Performance.
  • These assessments are comprehensive and can be taken by the entire organization or team.  Results are reported by functional area, tenure and position level, and are color-coded for immediate understanding and application.
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