The Thinking Quotient

The Opportunity:

How does a leader leverage the power of paradox? Organizational decisions are rarely clear-cut and many times leaders get trapped by the black-and-white, “either-or” of a decision rather than embracing both/and thinking. For these leaders, Luman International offers The Thinking Organization Facet.  This includes our groundbreaking assessment, the Thinking Quotient, which measures an organization’s Thinking Capital.

The Components:

To determine a leader’s and an organization’s Thinking Capital, assessments can be taken in these crucial areas:

Thinking Leadership Quotient (Individual 360).  Are we exhibiting exemplary thinking leadership behaviors? Are we creating thoughtful decisions and actions? Are we leading a thinking talent pool?

Thinking DNA (Team Assessment 1)Do you have what it takes at the core? Are we making decisions and taking actions that are smarter collectively than anyone is individually?

Thinking Infrastructure (Team Assessment 2).  Do we have what it takes to unlock the power of keys like: innovation, Intellectual Firepower, learning, rational management, strategic thinking, structural optimization and process optimization?

The Reason to take it:

For most organizations, building a thinking culture that embraces the power of high-level collective thinking in decision-making and strategy is only a dream.  With the Thinking Quotient, you can realize your full potential by seeing where your team is under-thinking and understanding what you can do to dramatically increase your stock of thinking capital.


“Jim Lucas takes on this topic [of business paradox] in a very practical manner, using 20 examples based around four areas: leadership, culture, talent, and strategy.  Without being prescriptive, the book helps leaders think about a diverse range of questions from ‘What does it mean to be customer-centric?’ to ‘Why do innovation and change need to be ubiquitous?’”

–        Andrew K. Tipping, Vice President, Organization and Change, Booz Allen Hamilton


“The Luman model for developing strategy is by far the best and the only truly comprehensive model I’ve found in 20 years of searching.”

–        Mark Milton, Senior VP, Kansas City Life Insurance Company

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