The Reality Quotient

realityThe Opportunity:

For leaders who recognize that success hinges on fully embracing organizational, individual and market realities, Luman International offers The Reality-Based Organization Facet.  This includes our groundbreaking assessment, the Reality Quotient, which measures an organization’s Truth Capital.

The Components:

To determine a leader’s and an organization’s Truth Capital, assessments can be taken in these crucial areas:

Reality Leadership Quotient (Individual 360).  Are we inspiring a desire and ability to face reality in leaders at every level?

Reality DNA (Team Assessment 1).  Do you have what it takes at the core?  This section will help you see if your team has the essential ingredients to face reality.

Reality Infrastructure (Team Assessment 2).  Do we have what it takes to face the truth?  This section addresses the important areas of Action Firepower, change, communication, comparisons, expectations, incentives, and vision.

The Reason to take it:

For most organizations, seeking and embracing reality is a difficult task. However, without facing reality, it is impossible to meet strategic objectives, achieve consistent performance, or be flexible and responsive to the world around you.  With the Reality Quotient, you can fill that need by learning how well you are facing, defining and embracing reality.  Then you can measure the growth in your Truth Capital overtime.


“Great leaders push their organizations to have a healthy relationship with reality.  They want their teams to define and face reality and to define it accurately—first, so they can align with it, and second, so they can change it.”

– James R. Lucas

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