Leading with Power & Principle

Course Overview

There are successful leaders with every kind of style.  The one thing they have in common? They implement core leadership principles that have changed little through the years, principles that apply regardless of the field of operation.

This course moves beyond style and gets down to substance. You’ll see how world-class leadership translates into world-class results and a durable legacy.

The Key Takeaways:

Pure-Performance DNA

  • How to embed the Tremendous 10 of Leadership into your approach to leadership
  • How to act on 10 timeless principles crucial to top-tier performance

Pure-Performance Infrastructure

  • Why leadership starts with designing a culture, not with directing people
  • The practical difference between leadership and management—and how to use each effectively

Pure-Performance Leadership

  • Why mentoring is essential to building a leadership legacy—and how to do it
  • How to recognize—and avoid—the 25 Leadership Lunacies that undermine most leaders
  • The surprising truth about pressure and stress—and what to learn from each

Pure-Performance People

  • How to identify winners and believers for hiring, development, and promotion
  • The Rule of the 95 and the 5– and why world-class leaders always act on it
  • How to structure delegation and decision making for Unavoidable Accountability

Pure-Performance Transformation

  • How to produce a high Return on Human Investment
  • How to focus your organization on the drivers of performance—and tune out distractions
  • The truth about burn-out—and why work-life balance can never cure it


“You created great initial momentum for making Hudson a Passionate Organization™.  Your ideas have put a greater mechanism for powersharing™ in place throughout our whole organization.  I am seeing and hearing about change in every email I read and each time I listen to our leaders speak.  I wish all of American industry could be filled with your type of thinking.”

–        Bill Hudson, Jr., CEO, Hudson Salvage, Inc.

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