Building a Pure-Performance Organization

Course Overview

Everyone talks about performance, but all too often the talk doesn’t convert to reality–or even to action.  Organizations establish lofty goals, only to see them evaporate in the face of personal agendas, turf battles, posturing, avoidance of responsibility, and avoidable accountability.  Times of growth and change can inadvertently lead to less-than-optimal performance.  In this provocative course, learn how to focus everyone and everything on delivering top-tier results.

The Key Takeaways:

Pure-Performance DNA

  • The 10 Key Elements of a Pure-Performance Organization
  • How to recognize the connection between performance and Ethical Firepower
  • How Pure-Performance Organizations know if they’re delivering timely decisions and excellent quality

Pure-Performance Infrastructure

  • The 8 attributes of Intelligent Growth
  • How to use the Innovation Evaluation to measure your organization’s ability to add and create value
  • The 7 core reasons that organizations fail to perform
  • The 7 clues that destructive power threatens to undermine your organization’s performance

Pure-Performance Leadership

  • How to delegate for Unavoidable Accountability
  • How to preserve the organization’s core while leading and exploiting change
  • The 4 uses of Powersharing that increase performance—and 10 areas in which to implement them
  • The 10 Questions for Determining a Critical Success Factorand why the answers matter

Pure-Performance People

  • The 7 barriers to execution—and how to avoid them
  • How to convert performance evaluations into performance builders

Pure-Performance Transformation

  • The 2 approaches to change—and why Pure-Performance Organizations exploit the second
  • How to align the organization for clear line-of-sight and an unrelenting focus on results


“Our team is now more passionate than ever, and they have some great new tools in their toolkit.  I have no doubt that the seeds planted in this session will bear fruit for many years to come. I truly enjoy the opportunity to get to work with you to build our Pure-Performance™ Team.”

–        Kurt McCaslin, President & General Manager, Anadarko Petroleum (Brazil)

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