onlineLuman’s dedicated research team works diligently to ensure that our principles are rooted in organizational realities.

Luman believes that the intuitive truth of our principles can and should be validated through real-world quantitative methods supported where needed by incisive qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, open houses, etc.). The research we do strongly supports our principles while providing compelling benchmarks for your organization.

Our extensive database includes data from tens of thousands of people in more than 1,000 organizations – public, private, government, and not-for-profit. Because of our research focus, we can often provide benchmark data specific to your size or industry.

Our unique assessments will resonate with your experience as a leader striving for excellence.

Luman will work with you and your team to analyze the data set and convert it into overarching themes and specific critical issues – and then to assist in developing both RoadMaps™ (recommendations) and PlayBooks™ (action plans) to turn these into organizational gold. Follow-up assessments identify both progress to leverage and lagging areas to correct.

We encourage you to read more about our unique offerings, including our comprehensive set of assessments, the Culture Quotient Series™ and our Custom Assessments.

“Luman’s assessments cut to the core of organizational issues. They measure causes and drivers, not just symptoms. Luman’s assessments are unique and comprehensive, and can really be used for benchmarking and improving organizational culture – not like the lightweight, non-actionable surveys we have seen too often.”

– Amy Anderson-Winchell, COO & EVP, Occupations, Inc.

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