A Superior Approach to Consulting

Luman rejects the “embedded” consulting model, in which client organizations become dependent on a consultant who won’t go away. We enhance our clients’ expertise to reduce our involvement while remaining available for the long haul to make sure you achieve your goals. We work with causes and drivers (rather than effects and symptoms), identify these causes through interviews and online assessments. Luman customizes our researched, proven principles and practices to your unique needs and opportunities. We work on the principle that you know a lot about your business and industry, and we know a lot about leadership and results-driven cultures, so that we can work together to combine the best of both.

ManVision, Mission, Values, and Behaviors (VMVB) Chartering

All organizations desire performance, yet many struggle to achieve consistent results. Reorganizations, personnel changes, and strategic initiatives fail to bring about the desired outcome. At Luman, we understand that the reason for these failures is often a lack of shared vision. The VMVB process brings focus and alignment to your organization. It anchors effective strategy, process, and personnel solutions.

Strategic Planning Framework (SPF)

The Luman Strategic Planning Framework is Luman’s unique strategic planning method. Because of the flexibility of the framework, SPF works for all organizations; large, small, public, private, and not-for-profit. Our approach to strategic planning allows your leadership team to use all of its specialized industry knowledge to focus your attention where it should be focused.
Once a strategy is in place, the framework lays out a feedback loop to make adjustments in real time as input is collected from everyone in the organization. A strong strategy is founded on the VMVB of an organization, and from the strategy, Luman can work with you to assure that every member of the organization has a line of sight between their job function and the vision, mission, and strategy of the organization.

Strategic Planning Guide for Executive Leadership

A Strategic Planning Guide is the result of a high-level review of the organization’s vision and mission with respect to their impact on mid-term strategy and short-term tactics. The process is designed to answer several critical questions at the “strategic vision” level, and to give the senior leadership team the opportunity to set reasonable boundaries around any strategies or strategic directions established by business units, divisions, departments, etc.
The Strategic Planning Guide is not a strategic plan, in which specific goals or milestones are established, resources are allocated, budgets are committed, and action plans are set. It is, however, the document that frees the organization to take entrepreneurial directions while operating in full alignment with the rest of the organization.

PitStop Protocols

We all want our organizations and people to run at top speed to produce outstanding results for the people we serve. Just as with a race car, when we hit a straightaway, we want to pour it on, maximize our speed, and move up as many positions as possible. But all of this is dependent on what happens when the car isn’t running – when it’s in the pit, being high-graded and at times revolutionized by a highly skilled team in a very condensed amount of time. The PitStop Protocol process gives your team or organization highly efficient practices for its time off the track.

Deciding Who Decides

Decision-making and delegation are not areas of great success for most organizations. This is often because the decision-making and delegation approach has randomly evolved. No one has ever designed it. Luman will help you design a method that will yield consistently effective decisions and delegation that makes a difference. When you are effective at Deciding Who Decides, you will see the difference in confidence, commitment, effectiveness, and results.

Succession Pipelining

At Luman, we believe that every organization is perfectly designed to get the results it is currently getting. An outstanding Succession Pipelining design will yield exceptional results. This process will help your organization design a Succession Pipelining plan that will reduce the organization’s exposure to risk due to the sudden loss of key leadership today, and that will identify key talent and align it with future needs.

12 Part Passionate Mentoring Program

Although mentoring and coaching are “hot” topics, they are usually focused on the individual, with a hope that the results will somehow benefit the organization. Often, we can feel like we are developing people so they can find a job somewhere else.
The Luman Mentoring Program takes a very different approach. It is focused first on the organization, to provide a variety of ways in which tacit individual knowledge can produce ever-improving organizational results. This is a comprehensive program of development that has a primary goal of improving the organization, with the added benefit that individuals receive a critical resource for personal development.

Luman Competency Model (Attitudes, Competencies, and Values)

Luman’s unique Attitudes, Values, and Competencies (ACV) Model offers integrated diagnostics and leadership development materials. Now, your leaders and teams won’t just know if they have the right competencies to achieve the Vision and Mission – they’ll have the resources to develop the leadership DNA they need. The Diamond of Excellence™ ACV Model identifies the attitudes, values, and competencies that structure great leadership and great organizations. But it doesn’t stop there. The ACV Model is fully integrated with leadership development resources that can build these qualities into leaders and the teams they lead.

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