High Performance Ethics

HighPerf_REDWant to know the 21st century path to success?. There is a better way to do business. And this better way – the ethical way – will lead to amazing results: highly committed employees and customers, financial gains, and strong, healthy organizations.

Wes Cantrell, a highly respected and well-known business executive, knows the importance of strong values. In High-Performance Ethics, he teams up with Jim Lucas, an internationally recognized leadership consultant, to reveal a truly surprising secret: The road of principle is also the road to higher performance and richer results.

Using ten timeless principles for leadership, richly illustrated with examples from Wes’s nearly fifty-year career with Lanier Worldwide, Inc., and ideas from Jim’s cutting-edge leadership firm, the authors demonstrate that in order for one to be optimally successful in the marketplace, performance and ethics must go hand in hand. This “leadership book with a twist” offers you practical ways to integrate these two closely connected concepts into your own day-to-day practices – and as you do so, you’ll discover a better way to think and live.

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