Building a Reality-Based Organization

Course Overview

Many leaders are so far removed from reality that they live in a fiction of their own making.  The bigger problem: to one degree or another, all of us are reality-impaired.

And that fact is what this course is designed to change.  Discover illusion-shredding strategies that will allow you to exploit the true realities that your organization is facing right now. Through it all, you and your team will gain new tools for exploiting reality – and for defeating competitors who choose to remain reality-impaired.

The Key Takeaways:

Reality-Based DNA

  • How to program the 10 Key Elements of a Reality-Based Organization into the organization’s DNA
  • The surprising role of vision in a Reality-Based Organization

Reality-Based Infrastructure

  • How to overcome the 7 core reasons that organizations fail
  • The 2 models of leadership—and why great leaders always choose the second
  • 10 Reality Checks your organization can use now

Reality-Based Leadership

  • Why leaders must spread the truth—if they want to hear ugly realities before it’s too late
  • How to dis-illusion your organization and develop a strong theory of reality
  • How to identify and defeat the 5 Myths of Management

Reality-Based People

  • Why people resist change—and how to build the change mindset
  • Why incentives often fail to motivate people or to generate real commitment

Reality-Based Transformation

  • How to create a transformational change of your organization’s negative realities
  • How to identify and shred the Fatal Illusions that threaten your organization
  • Why benchmarking can enhance an organization’s view of reality—or add to its illusions


“Provides ‘forward-focus’ tools that clarify where you want to go, help you see the gap between the target and your current reality, and show you how to close the gap.  I haven’t seen anything else that gives such a clear picture of [how to achieve] key organizational goals.  If you embrace the outstanding principles and strategically apply them to your organization, the results will be transforming.”

–        Ed Oakley, CEO, Enlightened Leadership International, Inc., Author of Enlightened Leadership

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