The Performance Quotient

Compass Pointing the Way to Integrity in BusinessThe Opportunity:

In order for an organization to be successful in the long term, it must have a performance mindset. Pure performance is the next generation of thinking about results.  From driving innovation to creating an ethical culture, the components of our Pure-Performance Module are essential to moving value creation to the next level. For organizations ready to take that next leap, Luman International offers The Pure-Performance Organization Facet.  This includes our groundbreaking assessment, the Performance Quotient, which measures an organization’s Performance Capital.

The Components:

To determine an organization’s Performance Capital, assessments can be taken in these crucial areas:

Performance Leadership Quotient (Individual 360).  Are we inspiring a willingness to attain pure performance in leaders at every level? Are we sharing power to reach maximum performance? Are we using mentoring to deliver performance? Are we leading with High-Performance Ethics?

Performance DNA (Team Assessment 1)Do you have what it takes at the core?  This assessment focuses on the 10 Key Elements of a Pure-Performance Organization.

Performance Infrastructure (Team Assessment 2).  This section addresses Line-of-Sight, change exploitation, decision making, Ethical Firepower, focus, innovation and risk taking, power, and value-add leadership.

The Reason to take it:

Pure performance means just that. Everything that is not driving performance is eliminated.  With the Performance Quotient, you can focus your attention on what really counts.


“Luman’s assessments reinforce the principles and practices they have taught us – and that we have worked to follow over the past decade.  An important truth they shared with us is that you can get much better results with better cultural design™.  We have found that you can get optimum results if you make Luman’s design principles and practices your own.  With their teaching and support, and the power of these remarkable assessments, you can establish a complete and accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses and an effective design plan for the future.”

 –  Amy Anderson-Winchell, CEO, Occupations, Inc. and Executive Director, Family Empowerment Council, Inc.


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