The Passion Quotient

flameThe Opportunity:

For leaders who understand that employee satisfaction and employee engagement are totally insufficient for building a passionate, Pure-Performance Organization – and who are willing to go deeper to access the powerful driver of passion and the commitment that flows from it – Luman International offers The Passionate Organization Facet.  This includes our groundbreaking assessment, the Passion Quotient, which measures an organization’s Passion Capital.

The Components:

To determine a leader’s and an organization’s Passion Capital, assessments can be taken in these crucial areas:

Passionate Leadership Quotient (Individual 360).  Are we inspiring passion in leaders at every level?  This section addresses how we identify, select, hire, and promote passionate leaders; exhibit exemplary passionate leadership behaviors; and access key passionate drivers of decisions and actions.

Passion DNA (Team Assessment 1)Do you have what it takes at the core?  Assessment statements, drawn from the innovative 10 Key Elements of a Passionate Organization, will help you see if you have the essential ingredients.

Passion Infrastructure (Team Assessment 2).  There are seven integral components of building a Passionate Organization –   Design, Human Investment, Commitment, Motivation, TeamsBuilding, Emotional Management, and Emotional Firepower.

The Reason to take it:

For most organizations, building passion and commitment and winning the hearts and minds of their people are things they know they don’t have, know they need for top-tier performance, and don’t know how to get.  With the Passion Quotient, you can fill that need, turning a frequent cultural “black hole” into a source of organizational energy.  You will learn what you are missing, and see how to transform the gap into a strength.

“Like many organizations we had formed bad habits through the years of inattention.  Luman staff helped us to assess our organizational strengths and areas for improvement and formulate a plan to help us learn to cooperate, communicate and develop trust.


“Luman staff continues to help us as we change and grow by supporting our ongoing assessment of our accomplishments and what we need to move to the next phase.”                                 

                                                                                – Ann Purvis, Senior Executive, Michigan Education Special Services Association

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