Leading Communication that Counts

Course Overview

Let’s face it: most organizations don’t really know how to get more of the good kind of communication, the kind that adds value rather than kills it.  So they talk about communication, analyze it, set up new systems and methods and rules—and hope that the important information will somehow bubble to the top.

It’s easy to get more data and information flying around.  It all adds up to…not much.  Lots of good intentions turn into lots of wasted effort.  But it doesn’t have to stay there.  In this course, gain the tools you need to develop communication that counts, communication that delivers value. It’s time to tune back in.

The Key Takeaways:

Reality-Based DNA

  • How to design a truth-friendly culture
  • The often-missed connection between communication and pure performance

Reality-Based Infrastructure

  • The cost of complexity—and how to conquer it
  • Why most organizations confuse “communication” with “volume”

Reality-Based Leadership

  • The 7 qualities of effective communicators—and the 7 skills they need
  • How to get communication with a higher truth content and a lower excuse content
  • Why it can hurt your performance to be informed

Reality-Based People

  • How to communicate more while filtering information
  • Why it’s not your job to keep your boss (or others) informed—and what to do instead
  • Why there are 7 things you need to do when you have been misunderstood

Reality-Based Transformation

  • The 4 key directions for communication—and how to ensure your organization exploits each
  • How to use feedback loops to ensure that communication has been effective
  • How to give constructive feedback—and how to receive it
  • The 10 crucial design principles for critical information systems


“Every now and then a business book [Fatal Illusions] comes along that really will revolutionize the basic ways you think about business and yourself as a businessperson.  This is one of those times…. Worth its weight in trendy management and organizational theories, this book focuses on one single central premise: the problems facing business today can be effectively addressed by a commitment to truth.”

–   Newbridge Executive Program

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