Building a Passionate Organization

Course Overview

Satisfaction and engagement simply can’t measure up to passion and commitment.  Passion is not an emotional, feeling-oriented concept, but a choice to invest in the organization and develop deep commitment.

In this course, learn how to create the conditions within an organization that will ignite the fire of employee commitment–how to create an environment that will attract passionate people to join the effort. Harnessing the passion of everyone in your organization creates a measurable, sustainable, competitive advantage.

The Key Takeaways:

Passion DNA

  • The 10 Key Elements of a Passionate Organization
  • The 3 things that all organizations are searching for
  • Why organizations must have a unifying principle in order to build passion

Passion Infrastructure

  • The principle behind designing a culture where passion can flourish
  • What conditions create 7 levels of employee commitment – and why only the seventh works

Passionate Leadership

  • How to ignite the fire of employee commitment and maximize Passion Capital
  • How to align organizational goals with employee passions—and why this is imperative to success

Passionate People

  • How to attract, retain, develop, and inspire passionate people
  • Why “satisfaction” and “engagement” will not significantly improve results
  • What employee passion is and is not, and the 3-Part Passion Test

Passion Transformation

  • Why Passion Trumps Engagement and satisfaction
  • The unbreakable link between a committed workforce and a Pure-Performance Organization


“Jim Lucas’s book [The Passionate Organization] is a brilliant compendium of trenchant observations about the release of human spirit.  The ultimate weapon for the 21st century.”

Arthur D. Wainwright, Chairman & CEO, Wainwright Industries, Inc. (Winner of the Malcom Baldrige Quality Award)


“We have had passion very much at the center of our culture so our issue is how do we keep it going?…. Jim sees things that we intuitively believe, and he gave us very useful tools…. One thing I absolutely loved about Jim was his very practical, simple applications that he taught us, because I can refer back to them again and again.”

                                                      – Sheila Surgey, General Marketing Manager, Hollard Insurance (South Africa)

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