Leading Passionate Teams

Course Overview

Leaders have a very difficult assignment: find a way to tap into the individual passions of team members and the collective passion of the team and to merge them all in a tightly focused direction.   In this session, you’ll discover how to design, build, and lead passionate teams that deliver outstanding results.

The Key Takeaways:

Passion DNA

  • The 7 Keys to Effective Teams
  • The 7 core reasons that teams fail

Passion Infrastructure

  • How to choose and build the appropriate team type for your project
  • How to use Team Charters to align the passions of the team members with team goals
  • How to negotiate the Team Performance Agreement
  • What conditions create 7 levels of commitment to a team – and why only the seventh works

Passionate Leadership

  • How to ensure that you’re building a team, not just a group
  • How to develop real Emotional Firepower on your team
  • The two vastly different models of leadership, and why both are needed by your team

Passionate People

  • How to unleash passion and improve team results through powersharing
  • How to select the right team members and place them in a position to succeed
  • How to give and get a high Return on Human Investment (ROHI) from team members

Passion Transformation

  • How to make conflict and dissent two of your greatest allies
  • How to cultivate value-add consensus and eliminate false harmony
  • How to evaluate teams to ensure passionate success
  • How to create team sustainability


“Passion is the lifeblood of organizations [and] what differentiates great companies from mediocre ones.  In an enlightening way, James Lucas demonstrates the competitive advantages.”

– Manfred Kets de Vries, Author of Leaders, Fools, and Imposters and The Leadership Mystique


“[Luman] shares how to smash through the walls of corporate complacency to create an energetic and spirit-filled workplace.  Powerful, pragmatic, and (yes) passionate…. Drive these principles deep into your organization, or risk becoming dull, boring, and obsolete.”           

Jim Harris, Ph.D., author of Getting Employees to Fall in Love with Your Company, coauthor of Finding and Keeping Great Employees

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