The Passion Principle

pll1Great organizations pursue great visions–visions forged by the passionate, committed people in the organization. A passionately shared vision draws on all of their ideas, personalities, and passions to build a unique organization, one whose success can be admired but not replicated.

Do you want an organization with an unmistakable identity, a vision so compelling that people invest themselves in the cause and compete for a chance to join you? This booklet shows you how to fashion a powerful charter for success. And world-class leaders don’t stop there: they design organizations that draw out and align the passions of all their people.

When a passionate organization meets an organization whose people are merely engaged, the passionate organization will triumph every time. This step-by-step guide will show you how to identify five enemies of a passionate organization, redesign seven components of your organization around a powerful core, and build ten key elements into your organization to sustain its passion.

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